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I am proud to say I have served over 20,000 8 Tracks to CD customers.


I will transfer your 8 tracks into a MODERN, LONG-LASTING CD for as little as $14.00 per 8 tracks to CD. 


Not only can I transfer commercially produced 8 tracks, but also any of those "SPECIAL" personal 8 tracks you may have from  events in the lives of you and your family!


The website leaves you with a question or you just want to hear my "friendly" voice? Call me toll free at



Why should you trust DLF Music?

Simply put, because this is my full-time job and I take great pride in providing you with the best 8 Track to CD transfer possible.  This sets me apart from my competitors.  I have taken the time to seek out and master methods to provide you with the best 8 Track to CD transfer at an affordable cost.  I devote the time needed to provide each customer with the service that fits their needs.  How do I prove this?


You can call my toll-free number (888-384-6970) and I will personally talk with you about your 8 tracks and needs.  DLF Music is my full-time job; therefore, I am able to answer most calls Monday thru Friday 9AM – 11PM and Saturday & Sunday 9AM – 6PM Eastern Time. If I am not able to answer your call, please leave a message.  I will usually return your call the same day.


  The 8 tracks to CD you receive are very professional both in sound and appearance.

  Your 8 tracks to CD will have each song divided into its own track.

   Your 8 tracks to CD will have the artist, release name and track titles printed on the CD ( I don’t use glue on labels.)

    All 8 tracks to CD Cases include track titles printed on the back and artist and release name clearly printed on the spine to make them easy to find when stored.

   All 8 tracks to CD Cases have a full color reproduction of the album artwork provided for the CD cover.

    Your 8 tracks to CD will be encoded with the artist, release name and song titles.


Quick turn-around time – I complete most 8 tracks to cd orders in a week or less. I guarantee that a standard order will be completed and shipped within two weeks of arrival to me. Rush service is available for an additional fee.



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